Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lifebook Update - week 12 - 14

Here is what Ive been doing over the last couple of weeks for lifebook.  Week 12 we had a lovely lesson from Wyanne on how to use coffee filteres and coffee in a spread, celebrating love that is expressed by others. We made a large envelope to hold all the little messages of love that others gift us in the form of cards, emails etc.  Everything about this lesson was new to me.  The wet into wet technique with the coffee filteres shaped as leaves was so exciting.

 For week 14 it was Tams lesson and we were celebrating our past experiences - positive and negative.  We had to do a front profile of a portrait to represent ourselves.  I had lots of fun with texturising the background in this one and played with my new punchinella, dylusions ink sprays and some lovely new stencils I got from


  1. Oh iti is fun isn't it? I am one lesson behing but did do the tree. YOur girl is beautiful. xox

  2. Thank you Annette for stopping by and leaving me such lovely compliments about my girl. xoxo Yay its so much fun. Lifebook is grand xoxo

  3. Wonderful Chelle - there is a richness I feel. xoDi