Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hair Series & Symbolism

Im working on a few ideas with symbolism used as hairstyles on my girls. I would love to get these out of the sketchbook soon and paint and collage my soul with them.  They all follow on from this post
The symbolism in each hairstyle is what Im connecting to. Gerberers (the purity and innocence), Sunflowers ( sprirituality & good luck) and Roses (love and secrets).  The flowers mean so much more.  The victorians loved their flower symbolism, check it out in google.


  1. That's really cool Chelle, I've never thought to look into the depth of flowers and their symbolism, thanks for taking me there! xoDi

  2. Hiya Di its great to see you dropping by and leaving me feedback, yeah I found flower symbolism very cool too, just getting into it myself. Im so happy to have sparked some inspiration x C