Thursday, 19 January 2012


Through my grieving healing proccess using my sketchbook I tried out another face and was thinking about how I would find a hairstlye for her. Now I was thinking to myself what should I do with her hair. When the very next thing that happened to me was the voice of a very close friend came to me and said use butterflies. (the muse doess find us) Now I said to lynns voice yeah I love that idea because its kinda how Im feeling at the moment, all my negative thinking is positively transforming into well being and good thoughs. Each butterfly represents each negative thought transforming so beautifully. Now I though about how much Willowing healing courses are doing for me and wrote Art Saves on the left-side of the page.
And thought about how much it does as I drew more butterflies around the lettering and then crystalised my feelings of feeling "lifted from the shadows" the music by the lighthouse family that I was listening to at that moment too. The other little messages I put around the piece of art was "grief can transform" and "Loving yourself heals" and "fly little caged bird"


  1. That is beautiful, the thought of butterflies transforming from negatives to beautiful thoughts that can flutter around your life is magic!
    Hugsto you Michelle,

  2. Michelle your drawing is beautiful.

  3. this is quite lovely and i so love your use of butterflies, how wonderful how the idea came to you!

  4. I too love this idea, Chelle. Butterflies on their gentle wings turning negative thoughts to positive - it's very powerful! xoDi