Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hectic Summer & Autumn

Ive not been posting much lately, life was hectic throughout the summer and most of autumn.
I also  pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and it trapped a nerve, so couldnt do any art for 10 weeks.
At the end of October I found time again to get back into my art.  I signed up for Lifebook at Willowing and became a Rainbow Child, taking another 3 of her courses.  Lifebook is going to be very exciting.  Its going to be fun being part of Willowing for an entire year.  Tam is such a good teacher.

The other 3 courses Im working through and trying to finish before Lifebook starts in January are; The World of Whimsy, Mythical Magical Creatures and Fabulous Faces.
I spent most of November just watching all videos and reading the course materials.  To join in the fun click below.

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