Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lifebook wk 10

Yesterday I worked on finishing week 10 for Lifebook .  We had to gather photographs of all of the people in our lives that we felt were pivotal/influenced and/or contributed to us and vice versa.  The techniques we learned to journal with were scratching and aging photos, though I didnt do that in my spread. We also played around with scrap elements in a mixed media style.  I found this a very emotional journey as I looked through photo albums to find the photos to scan for the pages. (It took me by suprise!)  I am so glad I did this spread though because honouring all these wonderful people in my life past and present was amazing! (Each picture I chose had a little back story that I remember and cherish). The great thing is when we bind the book at the end of the year I have all of the most important people still in my life in one place now too.

This is the inside pages

This is the back of the flap

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