Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Time Theme for the LAA

At the Livingston Art Association this years exhibition is all about TIME.  So Ive been working in my A4 sketchbook and trying out my ideas for my 4 seasons girls.  I decided to do 3 of them in watercolour for quickness as I had already done one in full collage.  I'm planning to get these out of the sketchbook and collaged and refined for the end of April.  I think they will look great on wooden panels.  Here are the 4 seasons in sketched form.

 As you can see below the winter girl was fully collaged using a map and book pages , this is my intention with the watercolour ones. To refine what I need to learn more about for each of them, like the profile blowing the dandelion head etc.



  1. Thank you so much Tammie for dropping by and leaving me such lovely feedback, its so appreciated x C

  2. These are so sweet and beautiful! A fantastic mini-series, Chelle!

  3. Thank you so much Di, I so appreciate you visiting with such lovely feedback xx C