Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lifebook Wk8 - Pulling out a Portrait

Today I worked on Mystele's lesson for week 8 of Lifebook on Willowing. 
We had to work with many different mixed media layers, starting of with scribbling in pen, writing a few words then using caran dache crayons for a thin watercolour layer.  Next I put on some spray inks and some collage papers, acrylic with a credit card. Using my fingers I put on more acrylic and gesso, then pushed back the layers. Then once the painting was dry we had to look at it and pull out an image (portrait in my case) from the depths of the layers, almost like looking for a shape in clouds.  I was able to see the side of a face and the nose and mouth area.  So I just went with it and after I had her sketched in, I painted her with watercolour crayons and acrylic.  The finished emblellishments were flowers, glitter, heart doodles and the flower trim around her neck and the final touch was a little metal key I had to hang around her neck.
I loved this lesson and want to do another on rough paper.  This one was made on Hot Pressed (very smooth) paper.


  1. She's very sweet Chelle! I enjoyed this lesson as well. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to 'pull' a painting out of a background.

  2. Thanks Di for dropping by and leaving me love gf. I'm so looking forward to seeing how yours turns out xoxo C

  3. this is, she is, wonderful
    your layers sound like a lot of fun and explorations
    turned out wonderful~

  4. Thank you so much Tammie for your kind compliments :-)

  5. Your painting is beautiful, it sounds as if you had so much fun in the process.

  6. Thank you Annie for your lovely feedback :-)