Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lifebook wk6 - Paint Over Collage

Today I worked on my week 6 - paint over collage for Lifebook at Willowing.  This was a very intersting lesson and I enjoyed it very much.  First of all you had to find collage pieces from a magazine that you liked and some nice collage papers. You also had to find a portrait of a girl you liked too.  Once everything was stuck down, you had to get your substrate done, with stamping, brayering and watercolour crayons. Next you worked on the face of the girl and then added a cirlce to write in all of your achievements in the inside.  You had to find a quote that resonated with you too.  And using cotton buds dipped in white paint you could easily make the cirlce doodles for around the outside. I added little confetti glitter to her hair and a few little flowers to her bodice.  I chose to have a bull as my symbol as Im Taurean but it also symbolises the following; stability, virility, strength, realiability, provision, peacefulness, helpfulness,  & Determination.  

Here is how she turned out.

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