Sunday, 5 February 2012

Drawing Board

On the 26th of January I felt a bit more uplifted and chose to doodle and paint and personalise my drawing board.  On the front where the clip is I doodle a little garden scene with birds, butterflies and a tree, even a snake in the long grass to represent Bry.  The tree represents the tree of life, the leaves the blosoming of love and the castles are just that, the castles we build in the air.
On the back I felt inspired to do another face and collage some butterflies as I felt the grief from the previous day or two transforming, coming through the darkeness once more.   I just love my butterflies!


  1. Loving both of these - I'm a butterfly girl too, you probably know...xoDi

  2. aww thanks Di its great to see you visit gf x0x0