Saturday, 11 February 2012

Aine & Her Mare

For Bonnie Rose's Lessons for Week 3 of Lifebook we have to unite our inner light and shade represented by Goddesses that we are connecting to.  Ive chosen Aine, the celtic irish goddess (otherwise known as the queen of the fairies).  She is also symbolized with a Red Mare.  Ive also chosen the Greek Goddess Selene and Im going to use a serpentine dragon for her symbolism.  I'm still working out words to connect to them both for the final piece too.  At times this seems a very challenging but an interesting lesson. Ive already watched all of the figure drawing videos and the marbling and hatching technique that Bonnie gave us.
So striking out with my first ever horse, fairy & serpentine dragon drawings, I thought Id share this embryonic stage with you all.

This is my Aine and her red mare and Ive worked on a dragon from Dragoart  Im probably only going to use the head in the final piece.


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  2. I enjoy hearing what you are learning in Life Book. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start with this piece. It also sounds as though it is meaningful to you. wonderful combination.

  3. Thank you so much Mc Ive just checked our your photography blogspot link and will definately try out some of your lessons. I know I could do with the help as I need to learn how to photograph my pictures better, sometimes the bevel in the sketchbooks are a nuisance as well lol. Big hugs to ya! x M

    Thank you Tammie always a pleasure to see you visiting and leaving such wonderful feedback. Yeah Im trying to make this goddess piece mean a lot to me, love and light to ya x M