Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Week 2 of Fabulous Faces

I was having a hard time with this portrait as the sketchbook page didnt appreciate all the watercolour I was putting on it.  The page deteriorated so badly around the eye area as I shaded some more and ripped through, so I had to reinforce it with a piece of card on the back.  The eyes looked so awful, so I decided to go with what was happening and see if I could salvage something from the piece. I added the mask to hide all the mistakes and played with some gel pens till I was happier with the result.

 I kept thinking of what Tam teaches us.....its not the destination thats important but rather the journey itself.
That seemed to shut up my inner critic LOL


  1. You certainly did a great job salvaging! This is a lovely unique piece. Excellent shading of the skin, and I love the hair colors and swirls. Nice job!

  2. Thank you Aimee for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment for me. I so appreciate it.
    Yeah it was a challenge salvaging her, usually I would have given up and torn the page out of my sketchbook lol