Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sketchbook Stuff

Been working out lots in my sketchbooks.  I was studying Modigliani's style and found his portraits really interesting.  I was inspired to try out his elongation of the portrait and the way he paints eyes.
This sketch was done using pentel watercolour oil pastels and finished off with little stars in the sky.

Im so enjoying exploring portaiture in lots of differnt styles and the courses at Willowing are helping me to work out what I like and dont like.  The Fabulous Faces course had me working out the 3/4 portrait and a teddy bear.  I love working from my imagination now and finding it hones your skills as you work out where the light falls and what would happen etc.
I did these two sketches of my beanie girl and a teddy bear a couple of weeks ago.  Once I done these I was inspired to do a full mixed media painting on watercolour board.
Here is the beanie girl and the teddy sketches.

 I kept working in my sketchbook, trying to age a portrait and have another go at the 3/4 portrait varying the hairstyles

For the other classes Im taking at willowing I worked more in my sketchbook
and tried out a girl for the mythical magical creatures class.  She is done in pastel. It was fun playing with the face shapes and the hairstyle.

Staying with the Mythical Magical Creatures classes, I started to work on lessons one and two, painting and collaging a goddess.  First off you had to do a journal promt about connecting to your goddess and the words empowerment and sensuality.  We are studying Klimt, so it was suggested that you try out all his decorative styles in your journal too.  I found out that I would need to learn to draw hands better and that I would need to workout what pens would work best on acrylic and collage papers.
Here is how I got on with the journal promt, the hands drawings and the page of what pens work best on what.

Last week I worked on a sketch for my friends wee girl, she wanted a girl in blue holding her polar bear for her bedroom wall.

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