Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Magic of Klimt

Ive worked on this painting for the last 3 days, following on from the journal promt studying Klimt's decorative style. Based on Klimts' gold period and Tams wonderful lessons on Magical Mythical Creatures at Willowing.

This is the largest canvas Ive ever worked on.  I can tell you it was a scary process.  The white fright got me as I sketched out the outlines LOL
Once I settled into it I had a great time, but each stage needed a coffee break and a chance to psych myself up for the next part. I found collaging on this scale amazing fun.  Doodling the way Klimt does was such fun too. She is my Venus.  I connected to her because she symbolises love and peace and is one of my ruling planets as Im taurean.  I so enjoyed the journey with this painting.  Working with the texture paste and metallic paints was exciting too.


  1. She's beautiful. I love the doodling, and the texture.

  2. Thanks Scatter for leaving me lovely comments, much appreciated