Monday, 27 August 2012

Soulistry Update

I have a small showcase of all the catching up Ive been doing in Soulistry it covers May - July.
Im just sharing the arting here as I share all the answers to the questions on BOD.

 Week 4 - The Well Within

Week 5 - The Holy Uselessness of Play

 Week 6 - Love the Questions

 Week 7 - You are the One that is Watching

Week 8 - Doing Good

Week 9 - Be open to the mystery

 Week 10 - The Miraculous in the Commonplace

 week 11 - She believed in her own Wings

 Week 12 - Happiness List

 Week 13 - Spirituality


  1. Dear Michelle,

    I found your lovely blog through a Google Alert and what a delightful blog it is. I look at your artwork and am deeply humbled that the Soulistry book has prompted such wonderful, creative work in you.

    A question - would you be willing for me to post your artwork (with proper accreditation of course) on my Facebook "Soulistry" page ( and/or my FB personal page (

    My email address is my first name (June) at the name of last book (Soulistry) dot com. I look forward to your response. :-) Blessings to you. June

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback June. I have sent you an email of thanks xoxo

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  3. What beautiful thoughts and art! It was a visual treat!

  4. Wow, what stunning works - such a joy to see, thank you for sharing your link on BOD so I could take a look.

    Lynda x

  5. Beautiful artwork Michelle! So nice to meet you in LifeBook this year ;D